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At Home Library

This summer I worked really hard to get things in order in our house, from my clothing to my books. I was not super happy with how things were organized overall and I just wanted to overall everything and started with my clothing and got very immersed in ways to organize my books along the… Continue reading At Home Library

Finding Your Style

Do you ever wonder if you’ll ever find your style or if you are just regurgitating what everyone else is posting or buying? This is something I grapple with not just with clothing but with books. It took me too long to find my style so I thought I would share mine as well as… Continue reading Finding Your Style

Fall Trends & Reads

Honesty time, I love clothes. My collection of clothing rivals that of my books and that’s the truth! I love mixing and matching my clothes to my moods and the seasons. I try to keep myself from wearing the same thing too many times by switching up what I wear and mixing my pieces of… Continue reading Fall Trends & Reads

Finding the Balance

Lately I have been thinking about the balance in life, not work and home life, but more social media and what we expose ourselves to while participating in that. I won’t lie, I love social media. I love posting and participating and watching all the things, but it can really drag us down if we… Continue reading Finding the Balance

Fall Vibes and Reading Time

Well friends, we are at the wonderful transition time of year where we are transitioning from Summer to Autumn and I love it. Summer is my absolutely favorite season – I love sitting outside in the sunshine and soaking up all the outdoors time, but Fall is a close second. I love the crispness of… Continue reading Fall Vibes and Reading Time

New Release Fall Fun

I don’t know why but Fall always feels like a time for new and amazing releases! Is it because Christmas is around the corner or do publishers know that Fall time is the cozy time? Either way I will not question it and accept all the amazing releases! Two fall releases, coming out next week… Continue reading New Release Fall Fun

Summer Favorites

Okay, before you come after me, I know that Summer is not over! In my mind Summer still has a lot of time left to go here, so hold onto your PSL’s and check out some of my favorites so far this summer! First up, the Kedzie bag! This is my second bag from them… Continue reading Summer Favorites

Colorado has My Heart

I am sitting here and watching Star Wars Lego: Summer Vacation and thinking over my very own Summer vacay. Over the last week I had the opportunity to travel across the country from Michigan to Colorado with my husband and in-laws. We met up with my sister in-law and her husband in Colorado Springs and… Continue reading Colorado has My Heart


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